Who ever want to do a request course please make a comment of the request course you want writing the full name of the course and the official website.

If someone else is interesting with the same course can reply on the same comment with one character “+”

After the course is listed the comments for the course will be removed

40 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Harel Elya says:

    I would be very happy for Tony Robbins’ two workshops that are in virtual:

    Date With Destiny

    The workshops are live and not for sale – but can be recorded
    Thank you!

      1. ANDREW YOUNG says:

        Hello, just a reminded on these courses. In high demand. Thanks

  2. kkayne says:

    Hello. I have a few requests for programs I would like to purchase through eshoptrip:
    Wesley Virgin Online Millionaire Mastery and Masque Control System
    DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing Club
    Thank you for your consideration!

  3. cgtosun says:

    Hello Dear,
    I would be very happy for Coach Dos Remedios complete program design course.
    Hope you make it available.

    Kind Regards,


  4. soorajkumar.94 says:

    Coach Kyle has recently launched his pua product named “Total Package Method”. I’ll leave the link below. He’s a legit pick up artist with great game unlike RSD’s.


  5. anthony513 says:


    requesting if you can make available the following six courses.


    The True Rosicrucian & Holy Grail Traditions

    1. Course 1: Foundations of the Rosicrucian & Holy Grail Traditions
    2. Course 2: Inner Realities of Spiritual Festivals
    3. Course 3: Sacred Geometry of the Rosicrucians
    4. Course 4: Ancient & Modern Forms of Spiritual Initiation
    5. Course 5: The Rebirth of Humanity and the Earth
    6. Course 6: Hidden Realities of the New Millennium

  6. anthony513 says:


    requesting if you can make available the following course called: Essential Teachings and Practices of Spiritual Science. link: https://vesica.org/product-essential-teachings/

    1. anthony513 says:

      correction. can I request this instead:

      Spiritual Empowerment

      I already have Essential Teachings and Practices of Spiritual Science

  7. anthony513 says:


    requesting course: How to Use Crystals and Gemstones. https://vesica.org/product-crystals-and-gemstones/

  8. anthony513 says:


    requesting course:

    Vibrational Testing & Healing – Full Series
    A Series of 3 New Trainings
    Course 1: The Personal Wavelength
    Course 2: The Universal Vibrational Spectrum
    Course 3: Custom Vibrational Healing

  9. anthony513 says:

    Hi, I forgot to add the link for Vibrational Testing & Healing – Full Series of 3 New Training – https://vesica.org/product-vibrational-testing-series/

  10. shabierhassan says:

    The Ultimate Options Class by Cashflow Academy

  11. Filippo De Pascali says:

    Hi Guys,

    why don’t we start a request for “Madaz Money”. He looks to have a very strong and solid method of day trading.

    Plus is commentary n youtube a free and he shows both win and losses. I live the link for the product below:


    Cheers guys

  12. thetidygreen says:

    Would be grateful if you could get Dominick Cruz “Feints & Counter Attacks” course and also his Advanced Cage Tactics


  13. Richard P says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to get the ‘Calisthenic Movement’ workout programs? These are by far the bast calisthenic programs available.
    Then we could gain access to high quality body weight exercises to perform at home during quarantine.
    I most like the ‘Mobility’ and the ‘Body Transformation’ programs.

  14. rajnu61 says:

    Can you please get these courses –

    Sacred Sexuality at https://www.embodiedawakening.academy/SS50

    Relationship Tantra at https://www.embodiedawakening.academy/RT50

    Ignite your Power at https://www.embodiedawakening.academy/IYP50

  15. tub85343 says:

    Can you get the Chenghsin ”Experience the Nature of Being Video Course”? It is about spiritual enlightenment. Would be amazing thanks!


  16. lightfeet2555 says:

    Can you please get FIMP? It is here…. http://stoppingscams.com/FIMP/signup/


  17. ANDREW YOUNG says:

    Can you please get all online video on demand courses on this website. In very high demand. Thank you


    Smart phone, dumb phone
    Fear of flying
    All their courses if possible. Very good


  18. ANDREW YOUNG says:

    I would be very happy for Tony Robbins’ workshops that are in virtual:

    Date With Destiny




    These courses are in very high demand
    The workshops are live and not for sale – but can be recorded
    Thank you!

  19. floresmiguel.80 says:

    I want to request a three courses i heard they are extremely good the first one is ricky royal The attraction Switch https://attractionswitch.com/ the other one is cazey zander mbt accelerator program https://caseyzander.com/bp-checkout-2
    the last is patrick James Legendary Game a 12 month program to master seduction

    1. mnish8 says:

      Hey Floreamiguel It’s just a good intention for you from my side try
      David Snyder – Speed Attraction Rapid Attraction Secrets, Weapons of Social Seduction, you will become pro don’t trust first search on YouTube πŸ˜‡

  20. blackmary1000 says:

    I’m looking for the Forensic Healing course, Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts 1, 2, 3 and Primal Reflex Release Technique course please.

  21. davide.venuto92 says:

    AthleanX old school iron please

  22. lukejeanlouis says:

    I want to request the first, earlier versions of these 4 courses.

    The Foundations of Singing: Level 2
    SINGING MADE EASY LEVEL 2 Sing like a Professional Singer
    Reboot Your Singing Voice – Level 2 Beyond the Basics
    SINGING SIMPLIFIED #2: Greater Range, Power and Control

  23. xcmscarecrow13 says:

    I noticed you have been posting more green dragon kung fu

    Nine Power Development Exercises

  24. mdash8853 says:

    Hi I was searching his course can you Add the Course


    Thank you

  25. anonymous says:


    i would like to request this program from Real Social dynamics (RSD)

  26. mnish8 says:

    And one more request
    Attention Mind-Power, Self Defense, Energy & Martial Arts Enthusiasts


  27. Hi Bro says:

    Request for two courses (1) Approach & (2) F-Formula from Marni Kinrys of winggirlmethod.com

  28. mnish8 says:

    Hi this is new program can you Add
    5-Element Constitutional Internal Nei Kung by Gary Clyman

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